Stagecast 3.0

A complete relaunch of the Stagecast platform. Redesigned based on learnings from millions of user interactions.

April 12, 2021
The world has changed in the past 12 months as fast as it might have never changed in recent history. With COVID-19 taking over the world in a blaze, entire industries had to learn to adapt overnight. The industry that might be hit the hardest is the live events industry: It was the industry that entered into lockdown first and will most likely be the industry that ventures out last.

As times are changing ...

When we started Stagecast, we specifically set our focus on live events. Our goal has always been to “turn viewers into participants” and we have worked with some of the most successful live promoters in the industry to build software for some of the largest live productions in the world. Of that, we are immensely proud.

Over time, however, we drifted away from solely catering to physical event experiences and turned our focus more and more to digital forums. It became clear to us that most audiences of today are no longer in the event venue itself, but are listening or watching from afar. For our customers, online participants make up a substantial proportion of their audience and that proportion has only grown due to COVID-19.

With new circumstances come new sets of challenges: In a world where most audiences are online and billions of hours of content is uploaded each day, how can creators make sure their audience is engaging with their content? How can rights holders activate their own and partner brands in a way that is not simply ignored? How can organizations & HR-Teams cut through all the distractions, build strong employee relationships and create a strong company culture despite operating from a distance? And finally, how can we make millions of "virtual events" feel engaging and not like just another live stream? 

... so are we.

Stagecast 3.0 (available later this year) will cater specifically to online audiences: Stagecast Audience Activations are brand-able interactive experiences that keep audiences engaged and can be shared or embedded in any channel  - Social Media, Newsletters, Websites, Apps, Live Streams, Video Meeting Platforms, Podcasts and of course in-venue screens. Stagecast equips content creators with digital activities - live quizzes, votings, selfie competitions and much, much more and thereby provides a new, powerful tool to activate brands, build communities and grow audiences. Stagecast Activations are more than just digital activities -  Stagecast Activations allow to analyze and grow audiences. On Stagecast, you Customize, Engage, Measure and Retain.

The four main value propositions of Stagecast 3.0

Customize, Engage, Measure & Retain are the four core pillars of the Stagecast 3.0 Value Proposition. In the following paragraph, you find a short explanation of either and a sneak-peek of how these find its way into the new Stagecast 3.0 platform.

The Four Value Propositions of Stagecast 3.0


Quizzes, votings, selfie collages and many more: Choose from a variety of different audience activations and fully customize and brand them. Change colors, content, background, add sponsor logos, Prizes, FAQs and much more in our online CMS System. You can also embed all activations in your own website and app for full control over your brand! It's never been easier to create customly branded audience activations for your community.


Share your activations on any channel - your (virtual) venue, social media accounts, newsletters, live streams, online meeting platforms, podcasts or even your own app & website. Wherever your audience is, you can use Stagecast by sharing a simple link or room code. The best part: You can share your activation on more than one channel and thereby create cross-platform activations to maximize your reach or to engage your audience before, during and after your event.

Value Proposition 2: Engage your community wherever you built it.


Stagecast makes it easy to tracks a whole lot of metrics of your audience activations: Analyze participation and interaction metrics over time, view activation-specific interactions and even analyze time spent. All these insights help you communicate engagement and brand value and with a simple CSV download, you can share these insights with brand partners and other team members.

Value Proposition 3: Measure the success of your Audience Activations


Finally, Stagecast helps you to retain your audience. You can add Call-to-Action pop ups (CTAs) to your activations that allow you to gather valuable participant feedback, promote sales campaigns, gain social media followers or collect customer data for lead generation. Thereby, Stagecast helps you to grow and monetize your audience on any channel.

Value Proposition 4: Monetize and Grow your audience

All these features are available on a simple to use Web-application. With Stagecast 3.0 you can look forward to a complete redesign of our system that makes using Stagecast easier than ever! 

Stagecast 3.0: A simple tool to create interactive Activations for your community

There is a lot more to look forward to with the release of Stagecast 3.0. Over the course of the next month, we will gradually introduce new features, such as New Prize Winning Criteria, New Call-To-Action Templates, Pre-Created Activation Templates, Activation Specific Analytics and much, much more. Get ready for Stagecast 3.0! (available later this year)

A List of New Features in Stagecast 3.0

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Stagecast 3.0. Did not find what you were looking for? We got many more articles in the Stagecast blog. Why don't you take a look around?

* Interfaces and features depicted in this graphic might be subject to change

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