A fantastic evening with Ramboll

We hosted Ramboll's annual #Engineerforlife Gala on Stagecast

Jonas Hermann
April 27, 2018

We spent an evening with Ramboll, a leading engineering, design and consultancy company at their #Engineerforlife Gala 2018 at Winterviken.

With the help of the Notelet Moment, Ramboll decided to not only welcome their guests, but to also sent out a mouth-watering menu and interesting information about the 19th century venue where the gala was held at. Guests savored delicious food, interesting project presentations and at the award show. Also, guests enjoyed seeing their pictures displayed around the stage which they took through the Collage Moment just seconds before. Even better - Rambol put a fun twist on the Collage Moment and called it the "Mystery Challenge": After launching a Collage Moment, they asked the audience to take a creative picture through a custom made filter within one minute - with a chance to win a an action camera! The "most creative" picture taken through the Moment was chosen by Rambol in real time and sent out as a Notelet Moment! A great way to engage their audience. Last but not least Stagecast's newest Moment was launched, the Voting Moment. The Gala guests were invited to vote for their favorite of one out of four outfits the show presenter wore throughout the evening. All in all - a fun night with a lot of participation from the gala guests!

Carmen, the Gala organiser, stated after the evening: "I loved using Stagecast today and so did out guests! It's a great way to engage with the audience and really involve them in the event. We are looking forward to using Stagecast again soon!"


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