LiveHacks is a regular hackathon for coders, designers & creatives who come together in Stockholm, Sweden, to revolutionize the way we experience live entertainment events.

Saturday the 31st of August we will gather in an old military base basement located in Embassy House in Stockholm. Since the early 60s they used the basement as a vast computing centre, so the place has a rich history for computing purposes. We will turn the place into a neat space with cool light installations, a bar, a chill area etc - a worthy location for a LiveHacks!We kick off at 9am and keep on going until 10pm when we have the final presentation for each team followed by a prize ceremony.

After that, we will celebrate together with DJ set, drinks and good vibes! Participants will be divided into teams of five, where each team consists of at least three coders and one designer. More specific briefs connected to the challenges of live entertainment will be provided ones it gets closer.We provide you with exciting challenges, prizes, tasty food, drinks, good music & a whole lot of inspiration.

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This LiveHack will happen in connection to the Stagecast Release Party which takes place the day before on Friday the 30th of August. By signing up to LiveHacks, you are automatically welcome to the Release Party where you have the possibility to meet your team members and the team and enjoy an evening with drinks and fun activities powered by the Stagecast platform. Read more about the event here.


Coders are the stars of the day (no pressure). You might be all about front- or back end, with experience in one or multiple coding languages. We will provide you with all necessary APIs and frameworks that can help you kick-start your project.

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The Designers are the ones with the mojo. You might be a digital pioneer, creating astonishing visual experiences for audiences, or just a hobby enthusiast who love to tinker around with different designs. Your sense for aesthetics will not only be needed to make stuff look cool, but also to help focus on the user’s experience

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Makers are passionate tinkerers who love to take stuff apart. You might be a sound- or electrical engineer, or you simply love to play around with whatever tech that comes in your way. We will provide you with relevant hardware and you will have a special mentor during the event who can help you out.

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