1. LiveHacks

22nd of April 2017

Pixel, Sound and Code

LiveHacks #1 took place 25 meters underground in Sweden's first nuclear hall on the 22nd of April 2017. We filled it with coders, designers, makers, light & sound engineers and music enthusiasts who all worked on challenges connected to how we experience live entertainment connected to technology. The participants were divided into teams of about five, where different expertise were present in terms of coding, designing and hardware. The challenge of the day was to work upon a project connected to how we experience mobile technology in live events, and each team worked upon a project which were either of own choice fitting into the theme or picked a proposed project where Stagecast provided API’s which the teams could build upon.

Aftermovie of our first LiveHacks event


With so many great projects, it was difficult to settle for a winner. The prize for best project was awarded to Christiano Sarmento, Elias Bergström and Somasundaran Vadivelu who created an interactive moment where the accelerometer in phones was accessed and the information translated into projections. The movement of the phones created a pattern which was visualized on the big screen behind the stage. We are looking forward to seeing that moment in a concert sometime soon!

Thank you:

Thanks once again to everyone who participated in making the day incredible, and a special thanks to our partners for the first LiveHacks: Telia, KTH innovation and Zound Industries.