Why Stagecast

Digital Audience Engagement

Engage and activate
your audience

Increase audience satisfaction

People love interactive content, such as quizzes, tombolas, votings or selfie collages. Make use of such content to elevate your event or broadcast.

Powerful fan activations to engage your audience
Easily add Stagecast to your app or website
Add prizes to increase engagement
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Turn passive viewers into active participants

We made it extremely easy for your audience to participate and become an integrated part of your event or broadcast experience.

Easily activate your audience with the Activation Result Page.
Simple for your audience to join with their mobile phone through the fan view.
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Elevate the experience before, during and after

Use Moments to create engagement before, during and after your event or broadcast... and fill downtime in-between acts!

Create engagement with your audience before, during and after events or broadcasts
Extend the duration of your event or broadcast
Increase communication with your audience
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Retain your audience interest

To keep your audience entertained and engaged over time, you need content variety  - that's why you find many Moments on Stagecast. Start with a quiz one week, do a treasure hunt the next and a fan voting thereafter. You'll never run out of content.

Choose from a variety of Moments.
Find new Moments on the platform regularly.
Create your own Moments with our Moment Developer Kit.
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