Why Stagecast

Data Driven
Experiential Marketing

Measure experiential marketing success

Make sponsor brand activation trackable and measurable

Gain valuable insights about the success of your experiential marketing campaigns - with statistics about reach, engagement and impressions.

Quantify reach of experiential marketing campaigns
See activated users & generated impressions per event and per Moment
Calculate Cost per Activated User (CPU) and Cost per Engagement (CPE)
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Facilitate estimation of ROI, engagement and impressions

Convert your audience to download apps, visit websites and shop online - and quantify those conversions to measure the return on investment (ROI) for you and your event partners.

Measure conversion rates and to calculate ROI
Measure event engagement & impressions
Quantify click-through rates & website visits (coming soon)
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Communicate and share data insights

After each event, download the event analytics reports from the Stagecast launchpad. Share these reports with your team, sponsors and other stakeholders and keep conversations transparent.

Generate up-to-date reports with the click of a button
Download Reports after the Event
Share reports with your team, sponsors or advertisers
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