Volleyball - DVV Cup Finale 2020

How comdirect used Stagecast to create and measure fan engagement at the DVV Cup finale 2020.

About the event

The DVV-Pokal is the national cup competition for German volleyball. The organizer is the German Volleyball Association (DVV) and the German Volleyball League (VBL). The finals have been held in the SAP Arena in Mannheim since 2016.

Stagecast was used by the organizers and comdirect, the main sponsor of DVV. Stagecast was integrated on a subdomain of the official DVV-Pokalfinale website, so fans easily joined via their mobile browsers. The Stagecast Quiz Moment was used twice before the men’s and the women’s final.

„Stagecast offers a new and exciting way to bring the comdirect brand closer to the fans.“

Frank Haegele, Specialist for Experience Marketing & Sponsoring at comdirect bank AG

SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany

Why Stagecast?

Stagecast helped to create new ways of fan engagement, activated the DVV website and offered new sponsor brand activation opportunities at DVV Volleyball Championships.

1. Create new ways of fan engagement:

With the Stagecast Quiz Moment, new and exciting fan engagement was created before the games started as well as in the halftime of the tournament.

2. Activate DVV Website:

Stagecast was integrated on a subdomain of the DVV website and fans were encouraged to visit the website during the event and after.

3. Sponsor & Brand Activation:

With the Comdirect-branded Quiz Moment during game breaks, Comdirect grabbed the attention of all fans in the venue and communicated a modern way of sponsorship activation.

Stagecast Quiz Moment during Halftime Break

Quiz Moment at DVV

The Quiz Moment was used twice during the halftimes of the tournaments. About 1000 participants in total answered five comdirect or Volleyball related questions - the faster they answered the more points they got. Winners were asked to come to the middle of the arena and received their own, personal prize - A signed ball of the match!

Stagecast Quiz Moment between Matches

Stagecast Integration on DVV Website

Stagecast was integrated on a simple subdomain on the DVV Website - the official Website of the German Volleyball Association. 

During the event, fans simply had to go to www.dvv-pokal.de/fans and participated in all Moments right there, right then! No app installation required, no tedious registration needed.

The Stagecast Integration is a simple web view integration and can be performed in any development environment, which only takes a couple of clicks to install.

Get Stagecast in your app or on your website today! 

Do you wonder how to get the Stagecast result page on the big media cube in arenas? It's simple! Read how it's done right here.

Event Analytics

Stagecast enables data tracking of fan and brand activation. Event statistics as well as specific Moment statistics and participation rates are available on a finger tip. At the Volleyball tournament, Stagecast activated about 10% of the audience and created about 1700 event impressions! 

Stagecast Event Analytics

That was Stagecast at the DVV German Volleyball Championships. See you at the next game!