The 1.FC Nürnberg Derby Activation

How 1.FC Nürnberg used the Classic Quiz & Collage Moment to create a 24h activation for their main Sponsor, Nürnberger Versicherungen.

About the Case

The 1. FC Nürnberg football clubs is one of Germany's most traditional Bundesliga clubs. In their derby against competitor SpVgg Greuther Fürth, the team from southern Germany was looking for extra pre-game fan engagement.

„The integration & implementation worked well! The quiz in particular was very well received and achieved wide reach and was certainly an asset.“

Daniel Börlein , Press Director 1. FC Nürnberg

Why Stagecast?

Stagecast helped to create new ways of fan engagement and offers new ways of Sponsorship brand activation to 1. FCN.

1. Create new ways of fan engagement:

With the Stagecast Quiz Moment and Collage Moment new and interactive fan engagement was created during the pre game and live stream on all their social media channels and pre-game live stream.

2. Sponsor & Brand Activation

1. FC Nürnberg used the Stagecast Moments to activate the brand of Nürnberger Versicherungen - the main sponsor of 1. FCN.

Moments at 1. FC Nürnberg Derby

Classic Quiz Moment

The Classic Quiz Moment was used for a 24 hour activation on all social channels. The Moment was integrated on the 1. FC website on a subdomain ( and shared via Twitter & Instagram for all fans to participate. The countdown ran for 24 hours and at the end, the top fan won 2 VIP tickets for the next season.

In total, almost 1500 fans participated, played over 7500 quizzes and answered over 100.000 questions!

Collage Moment

The Collage was posted on social media for fans to participate and share their enthusiasm with the team! When fans "swiped up" on the 1.FC Instagram story, they were able to send a selfie right to the venue selfie wall!

Both Moments were shared on the social media of the FCN as well as embedded in the official pre-stream of the derby!

Stagecast Integration in Live Streams

The Stagecast Results page was displayed to all viewers via in the live stream via a simple OBS System. There are many OBS systems available in the market - the integration in any of them works in the same, simple way: The result page link is displayed as a source via the OBS.

Stagecast Integration Setup in Twitch Stream

Event Analytics

Stagecast enables data tracking of fan and brand activation. Event statistics as well as specific Moment statistics and participation rates are available on a finger tip. Almost 1500 fans participated in the Classic Quiz and almost 500 people in the Collage! 

Classic Quiz Moment Statistics

Collage Moment Statistics

Special thanks go out to our partner & Stagecast Expert Kaurispirit for the excellent execution of the case!

That was Stagecast at the 1. FCN Derby. See you at the next event!