Telia Xmas Party 2018

Using Stagecast during annual christmas party to level up the experience!

About the event

Telia Xmas Party is the annual christmas gathering for the company’s 2500 employees in Stockholm

Why Stagecast

The project team for Telia Xmas Party were looking for ways to creating the nicest experience for their employees, both before and during the event.

1. Engagement:

Telia was looking for possibilities to involve their crowd to make them feel more engaged before and during the party.

2. Event efficiency:

Instead of having to hand out physical drink tickets, Telia were looking for a smarter, cheaper and more seamless way to let the participants get their drinks.

3. Creating Togetherness:

Once the party started, Telia wanted the people to feel connected to the experience and create things together


Stagecast provide an amount of digital live interactions called "Moments" that customers can use to enhance the experience of an event. Telia decided to use a couple of those in order to fulfill their needs!

1. Engagement:

Some days before the party took place, the project group were communicating with the crowd by sending messages, Spotify Moment with a Telia Xmas Playlist, but were also doing polls by pushing a Voting Moment where they could gather insights from the people. Further, Telia created a Music Quiz which was done live during the evening. During the Quiz, six voting Moments with different music related questions were sent to the audience in sync with the band. The Results was easily projected from the Stagecast Web platform to the big event screen behind the stage so people could follow it live.

2. Event efficiency:

Instead of printing- and handing out physical drink tickets, Telia could use Stagecast to send out three customized drink tickets to their employees by using the Coupon Moment. Perfect! When getting a drink at the bar, one would simply show the drink tickets in the app to the bartenders who could deactivate one ticket. Seamless and easy for everyone involved!

3. Creating Togetherness:

With Stagecast, people could take a selfie through the "Collage Moment" to send it directly to the stage screen. This was running throughout the night and many nice pictures managed to pop up on the big screen!

Thank you Telia for making Stagecast part of the Telia Xmas Party 2018!