Yearly, all the music schools in Sweden organize their own interpretation of a Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) called SMASK stands for Sveriges Musikakademiker's Song Kåntest - it's an annual music competition organized by Sweden's six music Colleges from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Örebro, Piteå and Ingesund.

Like the original ESC, the audience have the power to vote for their most liked performance. In previous productions, the audience needed to pay in order to submit a vote, and for the show 2018 the SMASK team were looking for a way to allow the audience of 500 people to vote for free. By using the Voting Moment on the platform, Stagecast helped them do exactly that!


Nine days before the show was happening, the SMASK event was published on the Stagecast platform and also sent an email to the people who bought tickets where they encouraged them to download the Stagecast application. From that day on, one artist at the time was presented by a picture Moment. When the show day finally arrived and the show kicked off, participants were encouraged to download the application both from the moderators on stage but also through the big screen in the venue.


Throughout the evening, a SMASK filter was pushed through the app to let people take pictures to build up a common gallery in the app. When all the performances were done, the first voting was launched from the web platform once the moderator announced the voting to be officially open!

Part of the struggle with previous solutions was to not being able to see the result of the votes live. With the Voting Moment, the production could see the result coming in real-time by simply pressing the “View” on the Moment. In total, 440 people (88% of the total audience) voted for their favorite performance!

Thank you SMASK for letting us be part of your production, we’re looking forward being part of the next show!

"Through Stagecast we could offer our audience a free voting. In that way more people were involved and the competition felt more fair. We could also generate a common gallery of photos during the evening evening and through that involve our audience more. Stagecast must be part of our next competition again!"

Anna Martinsson, Producer - Smask