Northern League of Legends Fan & Brand Activation

How NLC used Stagecast to drive audience engagement and brand activation through twitch.

About the Case

The Northern League of Legends Championships by Telia Company, is an international League of Legends eSports Tournament across all Nordic countries. handels the danish production of the tournament. All games are streamed on twitch, where Stagecast was used to engage the audience through the live stream.

„Stagecast helps us to keep fans engaged - even in breaks and between the matches in the stream. The casters love the interactive content and we found an excellent way to activate our sponsors' brands!“

Mathias Anker Høyer Horn , Production Manager at

Why Stagecast?

Stagecast helped to create new ways of fan engagement and offers new ways of sponsorship brand activation for NLC.

1. Create new ways of fan engagement:

With the Stagecast Classic Quiz and Collage Moment, new and interactive fan engagement was created in-between live matches as well as before the stream officially started. The Questions Moment was used to get viewers' question right into the Live Stream so that moderators were able to answer any questions the audience had - much better than having to scroll through thousands of posts in the twitch chat.

2. Sponsor & Brand Activation

NLC used Stagecast to activate the brands of Logitech as well as Telia Company - the main sponsor of NLC.

Stagecast in use at NLC OBS Video Channel Mixing Desk

Moments at NLC

Classic Quiz Moment

The Classic Quiz Moment was used multiple times during the stream - bevor it started, in-between breaks as well as at the end of the stream and thereby helped the casters to create excitement even when no games were carried out. The top participant of the quiz was able to win "riot points" that were automatically handed out to the top player at the end of the countdown by the Stagecast platform.

Overall, approximately sixty percent of the viewers participated in the quiz throughout the stream!

Classic Quiz Moment during NLC Stream

Collage Moment

The Collage Moment made for some fun interaction between the steams! Viewers were encouraged to take a picture of themselves or their gaming setup for the casters to comment upon.

Collage Moment during NLC Stream

„As marketers nowadays, we need to find ways to activate our brands while delivering value to users and prospect customers. Stagecast helps us to do just that."

Morten Mørup, Brand Activation Manager Telia Company

Questions Moment

With the help of the Questions Moment, viewers were able to ask questions directly to the casters in real time. All questions were seen directly in the live stream for the casters to comment upon - much easier than having to go through thousands of messages in the twitch live chat!

Questions Moment at NLC Stream

Stagecast Integration in Live Streams

The Stagecast Results page was displayed to all viewers in the twitch live stream via a simple OBS System. There are many OBS systems available in the market - the Stageccast integration in any of them works in the same, simple way: The result page link is displayed as a source via the OBS.

Event Analytics

Stagecast enables data tracking of fan and brand activation. Event statistics as well as specific Moment statistics and participation rates are available on a finger tip. Overall, Stagecast activated about 50% of the total viewers in the live stream and generated over 4000 impressions!

Special thanks go out to our partner & Stagecast Expert Telia Company for the excellent execution of the case!

That was Stagecast at NLC. See you at the next stream!