LiveHacks is Stagecast’s own organized hackathon where coders, designers and makers are invited to work upon challenges connected to way we experience live entertainment. LiveHacks normally takes place twice a year and goes on for a full day (9am - midnight).

During the hackathon, participants are asked to developed their own Moments which they believe can fit into a live entertainment sphere to make events more exciting and fun. Obviously, the hackathon is runned by using the Stagecast platform as well!

Download Rate

Before the hack, all participants are told to download the Stagecast app as it’s an important part of the day. In addition to that, when kicking of the hack the moderators also tell the participants to download it in order to give a demo - so far LiveHacks has a track record of 100% download rate amongst the participants!


Although a hackathon is about building stuff and working hard, one of the main reason why people participate in hackathons is to have fun get a memorable experience! We use Stagecast for exactly that reason during the hackathon - to engage, activate and involve the participants as much as possible into the experience.

We love to get to know and stay in touch with our participants. In order to involve them before, during and after the event we always use the Telegram-, Picture and Video Moment to let people take part of information and announcements + extra content! Throughout the days, we normally start a couple of different collage Moment to let people post pictures to the main screen which is always nice.

We also run treasure hunts to let the participants have the chance to win prizes! We make it simple: we hide the prize we want them to catch, and then take three pictures of the location more or less zoomed. In the first picture you only get a glimpse of where it could be, while in the last picture it is more obvious. Then we push the picture the most zoomed in picture through the app and let people start searching. If we notice people struggle to find the prize, we push the next more revealing picture and so on. Normally it takes between 10-15 minutes for people to find it, and the winners who find it first are always very happy!

(picture of david winning the concert ticket)

At LiveHacks we always combine it with a live performance by an up and coming artist towards the end of the hack. We always make sure people get the chance to follow the artist by pushing a Spotify Moment straight to their phone!

(picture of Klara Keller interface)

Towards the end, every team get three minutes to present what they have build during the day. We love this time of the day and are always beyond amazed what people manage to co-create in such short period of time. To make sure they get feedback from the crowd, we push an Ideation Moment where the participants can give quick feedback to each presentation, or just send a happy emoji to the team presenting!

The decision of who should be the winning team/s of the is something we have democratized by making the participants the decision makers. For that sake, we let every participant vote for their favorite project after all presentations are done by pushing a Voting Moment. Through that, we get an immediate result of the votes which also can be displayed on the big screen to announce the winner!

Web view from the voting during LiveHacks #5.

One time, two teams got the equal amount of votes. By solving this, we launched a Dual Moment (developed for Sthlm Tech Fest (link to the page about STHLM Tech Fest which Jonas will write about)). Here we let the audience click for their favorite amongst the two for a limited time of one minute, and the one with most click won!

We love to see our product come to live and bring value during LiveHacks - may there be many more!

See the latest Livehacks video:

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