Live Stream - Quarantine Sessions

How Quarantine Sessions used Stagecast to create an interactive Live Stream

About the event

Quarantine Sessions STHLM is a live Streaming concert event where various artists perform after each other. Each artist is interviewed after their performance. Quarantine Sessions STHLM is organized by Stockholm Based companies Gaddr AB and Venue AB.

„Stagecast helps us to create interactions with our viewers and deliver a better and richer live production.“

Mikael , Organizer and host of Quarantine Sessions STHLM

Quiz Moment at Quarantine Sessions

An interactive Live Quiz played between the sessions! Users participated adby clicking on the link the the chat or typed the code 7400 on

Questions Moment at Quarantine Sessions

Because the Twitch Live chat cloaked up too fast, questions were asked directly to the artist through Stagecast. To ask a questions, viewers simply clicked the link in the chat or typed in the code 7400 on

Questions embeded in the Live Stream

Questions Moment Stagecast Result Page

That was Stagecast at Quarantine Session STHLM. See you at the next stream!