Interactive Design Conference

How Frontiers has used Stagecast to enhance their experiences.

The design firm Doberman arranged a design- and innovation conference called Frontiers where 600 participants joined in. 12 incredible keynotes within the spectra of design and innovation took place for a full day at Munchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Any conference organizer would know about the struggle of making sure that all participants are at the right place at the right time. So, in order to update the crowd of timeslots, what keynote took place next, where the best coffee was served, Doberman used Stagecast in order communicate to their crowd by giving the right information at the right time.

As a design firm, Doberman were of course smart about how to get people to download the app. First, Stagecast had its own page in a small notelet book every participant received where they were encouraged people to downloading it. Secondly, the CEO of Doberman and also moderator of the day Lisa Lindström herself spend 30 seconds on stage in the beginning of the conference to inform why and how Stagecast would be used and asking people to download it.

Throughout the day, the participants would receive messages regarding the schedule, activities, what to think about and other things of importance. Little work was needed to set up the Moments, the majority of messages were set up in beforehand by the organizing team and were then simply triggered by scheduling the exact time for launch.

High five Doberman for an excellent conference and making Stagecast part of it!