Den Magiska Maskinen

Photo collage at it’s best - with the help of Stagecast Moment!

About the event

Once a year, a projection shows takes place in Örebro, Sweden on the magnificent facade of Örebro Castle during December. Twice a day, the projection show is happening during later afternoon and evening.

Why Stagecast?

Örebrokompaniet, the organizer of the show, were this year thinking about how to broaden and attract new audience to their projection show.They also wanted to offer the crowd a possibility to interact and actually getting involved in the show instead of being just passive spectators.

1. Involvement in the experience

Previous year, the show took place at a certain time and people could go there and watch it. Simple as that. What the organizer wanted to do different this year was to rather make the spectators part of the show instead and interact with the show.

2. Financial boost

In order to make such professional projection show happen, finance needs to be in place. So far, a major part of the financing has come from external sponsors. These sponsors are normally companies who wishes to have their brand connected to the show in some way. To sustain and also being able to present new ways of displaying and activating brands, the organizers were always looking for new ways of doings so.


As Stagecast is all about Moments, e.g digital interactions, we explained to them what could be done in order to fulfill their needs!

1. Involvement in the experience

As Örebrokompaniet wanted to let the audience to become part of the show, the Branded Collage Moment was a perfect fit! Branded Collage Moment works as such that pictures taken through the Stagecast app come together in a nice looking collage together with a branded picture of the organizers choice in it. Ten minutes before the projection show started, the Branded Collage Moment was triggered, and then people who had the Stagecast app could in the event of Den Magiska Maskinen take photos of themselves which after a while would pop up on the castle where the collage was displayed. Easy as that!

2. Financial Boost

For the show 2018, Stagecast became one of building blocks of the sponsor packages where brands would have their logo displayed amongst the lovely photos taken in the collage! Seven different sponsors were involved where they had different days where their logo was displayed in the Branded Collage!

Preventing Inappropriate Content

As for any event organizer allowing their audience to upload picture to a public screen, the worry about having inappropriate pictures is a fact. For preventing this, the organizers could use a moderator site access from the Stagecast platform. In this function, one could see all incoming pictures before they were displayed on the castle and therefore making sure nothing inappropriate was posted!


The possibility of taking photos to the castle via Stagecast was promoted in local & national newspaper and radio channels.


...and in addition to that, a short promo video was shown on the castle two minutes before the Branded Collage Moment was started so people could download it and participate by taking photos!

“When for the second year arranging “Den Magiska Maskinen”, a projection show which takes place on the Örebro castle facade during December 2019, we wanted to broaden our target group and find new ways to interact with the crowd before the show. Thanks to Stagecast’s solution, which made it possible for the crowd to take selfies to a collage displayed on the castle, we found a unique possibility to create an engagement with our audience who were entertained. The photos of it went viral and got a wide spread through social medias - both younger & older generation believed it was a fun and innovative feature which engaged and also attracted new audience to the event. If we will run the show December 2019 again, Stagecast will be an obvious element of the show again!"

Louise Anestad, Event- and Brand manager at Örebrokompaniet.