About us

Based in Stockholm, Stagecast was
founded within the walls of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Stagecast was founded on the belief that human interaction is what gives meaning and creates joy in life. We firmly believe in digitalization can enhance that interaction even more - the question is just: How?

Our History

In 2016, Smartphones were seen as a distraction at events and were increasingly banned from shows.

Instead of following that trend, we set out to change the perception of smartphones by turning them into a positive and integrated part of live experiences.
Today, we can proudly say: Mission accomplished.
So far, we have helped +200 events, launched +10.000 moments and engaged over 250.000 users with Stagecast Moments.

Now, we are on mission to digitize the live experience industry.

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This is us

Filippo Boiani

Frontend Developer

Hedvig Ahlgren


Jonas Hermann


Markus Wallentin

Product Owner

Robin Bugdahn

Creative Director

Stefan Hellkvist


Andreas Liffgarden

Advisor & Founder Soundtrack Your Brand

Mikael Ljunggren

Advisor & Founder Bejing 8

Palle Palmé

Advisor & Founder Palmé Light Design

What we believe in

The world we are helping to create and why we do what we do

We believe that digitization is the key in creating a globalized and sustainable world.

Yet, extensive digitization in every aspect of life poses the danger of losing the human element: Sharing experiences that create community and help us live in the here and now. Stagecast helps to create more social, intuitive, fun and interactive live experiences.

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Our Values

Who we are and what we stand for

We are a close group of technology enthusiasts, event nerds and design fanatics who believe that great work is done by  community, having a positive mindset, transparent communication, trust and having fun while doing what you believe in.

We value celebrating both, small and big victories and cherish the Moments that come our way!

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